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Kites rise highest agains…

Kites rise highest against the wind, not with it. – Winston Churchill

day in, day out. i look to my reflection in the mirror, i see nothing but a figure outlined. my heart. it seems empty. could it be everyone sees right through me? to see my reflection and others, with my heart and not my eyes. does that make me unhuman? but i am human, i have made mistakes. its not that i dont care, because i do. its that you choose to see with your eyes, you all do. i feel that i am a bear who decides to explore in winter. does that make me so strange , you’d only say hi to walk away. while you all stay in and hide, i choose to go on adventures and risk it all. am i so weird, that i actually know how to hold a conversation? so maybe i do see with my heart and am myself more than others. but what do you see when you look in the mirror? a heart or just another face? LOOK , then tell me I’M DIFFERENT.


Two Friends by David Ignatow

i have something to tell you.

im listening.

im dying.

im sorry to hear.

im growing old.

its terrible.

it is, i thought you should know.

of course and im sorry. keep in touch.

i will and you too.

and let me know whats new.

certainly, though it cant be much.

and stay well.

and you too.

and go slow.

and you too.



—– (What does David Ignatow show is this poem? ~ that two friends are no more then two enemies of weaknesses ?)